A close examination of the symbolism of “The Magic Mirror.”

The Magic Mirror           PDF format.

The Magic Mirror           ODT format.



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  1. Fascinating analysis. It seems to me another interpretation of Penny shooting her reflection is that she is destroying not her childhood, but her self-image (the “ugly” reflection she and Judy were looking at earlier). But, of course, your interpretation is valid, too.

    I have seen a lot (and I mean, a LOT) of similar symbolism in the episode, “My Friend, Mr. Nobody.” I would love to write up a full analysis of that episode. Could I send it to you? And if so, where would I send it? If you like it, you could post it on the site (and if not, at least you might enjoy my insights).

    Thanks for your article!

    • Hi — I suppose your “ugly reflection” notion could be considered a part of the whole “childhood” idea as well. I hadn’t thought of it separately like that. Good insight, thanks.

      By all means, I would be quite happy to hear your insights on MFMN! Oddly enough, I have been very careful to watch for anything else of what I saw in MM through the rest of the series (and I’ve now watched the whole thing), and picked up on nothing even close to it. And that does include MFMN, which I watched again just a few weeks ago. I’d be glad to post up your thoughts as a guest contributer under whatever name or pen name you like. All I ask is that you keep it respectful to both Penny and Angela, and as “non-provocative” as possible. Remember, we are dealing with a little girl here! Even littler than in MM. I worked quite hard to keep my MM piece as G-rated as possible, considering what the the topic really was. In fact, there was one notion I had which I did NOT include, and have shared with only a couple of online fans/friends; if you’re interested, I’ll pass it on privately. But as I note in that piece (maybe I should go back and make this clearer): I don’t really know how much goes into the making of a TV show, even a single episode, how many hands craft what we finally see as that 45-50 minutes. Maybe a few threads spun by writers, directors, prop masters, dialog coaches, etc., all come together and make up something that none of them had intended as indiviuals. So it’s hard to say that any one episode was deliberately trying to say so-and-so. Yet — there it is.

      But by all means, I’d be very interested in your thoughts on MFMN. You can send a finished work along to pennyrobinsonfanclub@comcast.net. If I have a problem with anything I’ll work with you to hammer it out, but I’d certainly be glad to have some outside material here to help things along! Thanks much!

  2. Telstar says:

    Wow….amazing piece of analysis! Now I need to re-watch the ep. I remember it vaguely, and remember Pollard as being good at playing this sort of character.

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