Lost In Space Adventures

Volume 1:

Five episodes completely re-imagined and re-written as somewhat more serious science fiction for an adult audience:

Welcome, Stranger

The Dream Monster

A Visit To Hades

The Golden Man

The Questing Beast

Lost In Space Adventures       Word format

Lost In Space Adventures       PDF format

Take a peek inside at:

A Visit To Hades

West returned Morbus’ ingratiating look with a cold glare.

“Or . . . have I read you wrong there, my friend? You have different tastes?” Morbus dropped his arm from Don’s shoulders to his hips. “If you like, I can show you my private office while those two –”

Don pulled free and spat in Morbus’ face. The iron claw took his throat again.

“I’ve slain nations for less than that, Donny Boy,” growled Morbus. He sighed. “Oh, all right. For that, I’ll apologize. Now let’s be friends. No interest in the girls, eh? Well, let’s see . . .”

He fiddled with the controls and another scene swept across the display.

“Power is a beautiful thing, Donny Boy, in the right hands. Power can bring peace, prosperity, and happiness to many people, even a whole world. Take a look at what could be.”

Grudgingly, West looked. News reports showed crowds of millions, in different places all around the globe cheering their new leader, the one who had ended wars, ended famine, ended crime. The leader who now reigned over the entire planet.

“All the kingdoms of the Earth, as they say. Emperor Donny Boy the First has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?” smirked Morbus. “Or do you prefer the military style? How does ‘Generallisimo’ suit you?”

“Go to –” Don checked himself.

Morbus chuckled. “Finally working it all out, are we? The World, the Flesh, and – well – modesty prevents me.””

The Golden Man

Penny may have been tracing out constellations or just idly stargazing, but it was she who suddenly pointed and exclaimed, “Look, a shooting star!” Reflexively, the entire company turned their heads heavenward and watched a fiery red trail crawl across the sky.

“That’s awfully slow for a meteor,” Maureen opined cautiously. “Robot!” she called. Their mechanical companion rolled in from his perimeter guard station.

“Yes, Mrs. Robinson?” he boomed.

“Robot, take a look up there, quickly. Does that look like a meteor or a ship?”

The mechanical man’s sensor array spun around, analyzing. He whirred and hummed thoughtfully for a moment, then announced his findings. “Warning! Object is definitely identified as an alien vessel! Size indicates a single-man ship. Projected landing area – approximately 1 mile east of here!”

Maureen jumped to her feet. With her husband absent, she was in command. “Dr. Smith, you and Judy set up the force-field. Robot, take Penny and check the perimeter. Oh, aliens!” She spat the word like a curse. “Haven’t seen any in months, now two in a day, and all the men gone!”

“I heard that, madam!” griped Dr. Smith, pretending to help Judy with their chore.

As the party retired for the night, Maureen double checked the force-field, engaged the manual locks on the entry hatches, and paused just a moment at the radio console, debating whether to alert her husband.

No, she told herself. He said I should call him for emergencies. This isn’t an emergency. Just a routine Yellow Alert precautionary exercise. The force-field is set and the Robot is outside, scanning the area with his defensive weapons systems charged and armed.

There is no emergency, she thought, I’m in charge and in control. Maureen Robinson went to bed.



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  1. I Love Lost in Space.&Space Famliy Robinson.Thank yu, FRANCE’S YOZAWITZ

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