A few online friends have asked if I’ve written any other non-LIS stories, and the short answer is “Yes.” I’ve been hesitant to introduce any non-Lost In Space material here, but then the deciding issue was “Well, why not?”

I’ve received some flattering comments from other quarters and so here, with little further adieu, I present some other “fanfic” works.

First off, one of my first such efforts, which remains one of my favorites. Fawlty Towers was a short, but memorable BBC production starring the legendary John Cleese as Basil Fawlty, irritable and un-genial host of a small hotel in an English seaside resort. It was also insanely funny. I wondered though about its serious and dramatic possibilities, and after some thought came up with the following. If you are not familiar with the show, well, shame on you for starters! But although the story, I hope, stands well on its own, the reader may not appreciate the wildly contrasting portrayal of the characters. Warning: this is NOT a funny story, and explores the darker side of Basil & Sybil Fawlty, and . . . .

The Ghosts of Fawlty Towers


This is also a Fawlty Towers story, and although it is meant to be independent, works as something of a conclusion to the previous.

 Basil On The Rocks


Another Fawlty Towers! But finally a funny one, I hope. What’s called a “crossover”, meaning characters from an entirely different fictional universe appear. Who, you ask? Well, you must read . . . .

Basil & The Londoners


And now for something completely different. This won’t mean much to a lot of people, but to those who know of an anime series with the unlikely title Neon Genesis Evangelion, well, I hope you’ll find it an uproarious spoof with an even darker ending than the show itself. Oh, and in good fanfic crossover tradition, this pulls in pop culture references to span lifetimes. Yes, even the title!

So sit back and enjoy . . . .

Evangelion: The Final Battle

Or, Everything You Always Wanted To Know About NERV*

*But Were Afraid To Ask

If you have no idea what this show (aka NGE) is about but are curious, please visit our sister site here: NGE review at Anime Academy


Long before Clark Kent became the assumed identity of The Man of Steel, Doctor Clark Savage, Jr., was The Man of Bronze. Entirely human he was, but the pinnacle of what a man could be. Described as a “protean genius”, he was the world’s foremost authority in any field, and beyond that, was as perfect a physical specimen as intellectual. Accompanied by a handful of associates — all leading figures in their own fields (lawyer, engineer, chemist, etc.), Doc Savage roamed the world as a troublebuster, taking on all manner of evildoers, and in his spare time patented brilliant new inventions and composed symphonies.  “Doc Savage”stories were some of the real, original pulp fiction, stories appearing in cheap monthly potboilers. In the 60s & 70s, the stories were published in actual book form to entertain a new generation of readers — including yours truly. Doc even got the Made-for-TV Movie treatment in 1975! Although there are more Doc Savage stories out there I have yet to read, I couldn’t resist trying my hand at one myself, chiefly inspired by the thought of Doc & Crew crossed up with a certain video game franchise — which actually became a rather brief sequence towards the end. Friends, I offer you . . . .




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