Season Three’s first Penny episode! Another offering from the pen of Jackson Gillis, who also gave us The Magic Mirror. The Haunted Lighthouse works fairly well as a companion piece to Mirror, as Penny becomes infatuated with another lost boy, J5. J5 looks a bit like Peter Pan, although he is not Peter in the way that the boy behind the mirror is, but he is similarly lost and alone. The feelings Penny and J5 have for each other are ambiguous and complex. He certainly seems to be fond of her, but it is unclear how much of that is genuine and how much is simply his devious manipulation. Penny is certainly fond of him, although his age is questionable enough that Penny’s feelings for him may tend more towards the maternal than the romantic. In most ways, he seems to be more of Will’s age than Penny’s. Still, her bittersweet farewell to him at the end certainly indicates more than motherly affection. She seems to be very hurt and disappointed to realize that she was used so badly, but beyond that we can only speculate.

This episode, unfortunately, does not offer a “Three Beauties” shot which we usually like to headline a gallery with. So in great internet tradition, since we cannot bring you Maureen, Judy, and Penny together, here is a picture of a bunny with a pancake on his head:

pancake bunny

And now what you came for, a gallery of Penny.

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  1. Lee Rilea says:

    With all due respect to the lovely Penny that boy is a blatant rip off of the Vulcans on Star Trek.

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