Welcome at last to Season Three! Unfortunately, this is not a terribly kind season to Penny. A few episodes she has hardly any screen time at all, and no more than three or four shots of her in this gallery. The first two, Condemned of Space  and Visit to a Hostile Planet give her the best. However, in all six episodes, there is not a single moment when Penny has the screen all to herself. So far, she is always part of the ensemble. The most she gets are duets with Will and Judy. This is also the season when her hair starts doing funny things: long in one episode then short in the next! Part of the explanation is that episodes were not necessarily aired in the order they were filmed in, but also her short hair was (we are led to believe) actually a wig. All three ladies (we are led to believe) wore wigs at one time or over the course of the series.

These six episodes then, are Condemned of Space, Visit To A Hostile Planet, Kidnapped In Space, Hunter’s Moon, The Space Primevals, and The Space Destructors. Fortunately, we still get regular “Three Beauties” shots! So to lead off, the traditional “Three Beauties” . . .

CoS (9)

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  1. Hal says:

    It’s pretty obvious that Angela Cartwright wore a wig. Where you see her with the long hair in season 3, that’s her natural hair. Most episode, she wore it up in a bun and they slapped the Penny wig on her. Look at the frontal hairline when they did this. As you move back you see where the wig starts. They did this because of time and ease no doubt. Getting that long hair camera ready was most likely a chore and time consuming. It had to be washed, set, and groomed. Easier to put it up and slap the wig on. Much less prep time in the make up chair. My guess is that Angela wanted at least a few episodes where she wore her natural hair, which was long and beautiful.

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