Four more Season Three episodes which are not particularly heavy on Penny content but bring us some nice shots just the same: Flight Into The Future, Collision of Planets, Space Creature, and Deadliest of the Species. There are really just a couple of Penny shots from Flight Into The Future, her with Judy, but I included a couple of bonus shots of Marta as Judy’s own Great-great-etc. granddaughter (so she claims.) Just because she looks hot!  As Judy, Marta is usually buttoned up pretty tight with the standard uniform, but she gets to show us a much different character here: so much so, that when I first saw her, I didn’t even realize it was Marta for a minute or so! (There have been a few good-looking girls to visit the Robinsons, maybe I should have a separate gallery for all of them!)

Collision of Planets doesn’t offer a lot either, but look for an unusual and very elegant pose Penny takes standing between the Robot and Smith; leg forward, head turned back and down, almost a la Chorus Line! A couple of very nice smiles, and a couple of somewhat odd but cute facial expressions standing by Judy at the main viewport. A few nice bits from Space Creature. Wonderful little sequence with her literally skipping into the galley, feet not even on the floor! Some more nice faces, laughing, frightened in the fog, etc. Quite a bit of good material from Species. Nice few poses in the hatchway with Judy, along with a skirt-whirling turn! Finally get to see her doing something technical, looking through ‘scope searching for Will — missing again outside, of course. Good drama as she runs up through the smoke as the ship is attacked. Some more pretty face time standing with Judy at the window. And just in case there was any doubt — the Robinson ladies do pack heat! Maureen issues her daughters laser pistols at the end, as a last ditch defense. How last ditch? Smith is with them, that’s pretty last ditch!

And to lead off, our traditional “Three Beauties” shot.





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