And so we draw to the close of this remarkable series. This last gallery is sadly thin on Penny material, and cannot even offer our “Three Beauties” shot. Still, Penny is eerily beautiful as a flowerbed in TGVR (one of the most notorious episodes in all of television, let alone the series!) We are not entirely finished with this magnificent project though, we will still be going back around to the beginning to pull together galleries from the earliest episodes, as well as finishing and expanding our “Thoughts in Space” commentary.

And so — Penny.

She’s quite fetching in her party hat! Note a little fun between her and Will around the table, a charming moment wishing the Robot Happy Birthday, and some nice family moments. Just a few shots of her as she transforms into a flowerbed, then a puff of steam and a quick escape!

I feel a particular poignancy with almost each Junkyard shot: nearly every one is a “This is the last time we see Penny with Judy/Will/Daddy etc.” And right to the end, Penny and her books! That IS a touching last kiss shared between Penny and Daddy, as he prepares to jetpack off, and our very last sight of Penny ever is in the blast of the Pod as Will takes off by himself. Somehow fitting, I think.

Bye, Penny. Safe travels. We love you.


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  1. Freddymae says:

    Lost in space was a main part of my life. I miss guy williams , Johanan han harris soo much, I pray for them

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