At last! Another good Penny episode! A Day At The Zoo is another solid offering from Jackson Gillis. Penny is captured by showman Farnum B (Phineas T. Barnum, anyone?) for his circus. Penny’s horrified look when captured in the net at the beginning is Angela’s “favorite reaction shot,” or so she notes on one of her websites, and if I can find it again I’ll link it. She gets a lot of movement and physical acting in this one, and I’ve tried to capture a lot of that, and Angela’s elegance of movement (remember she was trained as a dancer, too.) Note the very first sequence, kneeling down to look at the flower then running from Oggo, and in the cell with Will, a very graceful spin with hair flying about!

No “Three Beauties” shot from this episode, so I’ll head this up with an odd little moment — Penny has just been captured and is hanging in the net, Farnum B has just steadied it, and she is looking off to her right with a HUGE grin on her face! Maybe just the way her expression was changing, or maybe she really had fun swinging!

Zoo (11)

And so with no further ado, the rest of A Day At The Zoo:

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