One of the better episodes, drawing on the ancient tale of King Midas.  This is possibly the first episode where we see Dr. Smith with an evidently sincere love for Penny; and exhibiting sincere remorse.  He voluntarily exiles himself from the ship to go off and die, so he cannot harm the ladies.  His grief at Penny’s going platinum is genuine and heartbreaking; the kiss he puts on her metal cheek is surely one of the sweetest, most touching moments in the entire series.  Finally, Smith says, ” I don’t care about myself, it’s only Penny I want saved.”  Although this is much more an ensemble episode than a “Penny” episode, it remains a marvelous showcase for her: her own affection and compassion for Dr. Smith are obviously deep and sincere (even after he abandons her to a desperado!), and of course it is her care for the escaped convict which drives the entire story.

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  1. Bud says:

    Awesome website! Keep up the good work. Always loved lost in space.

  2. Lee Rilea says:

    Love the face shot with her eyes close. Just beautiful.

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