Season 2 closes with a very solid offering, The Galaxy Gift, a good Penny episode.  She gets a lot of good expressiveness off again, also look for some very elegant and unusual poses — the deliberately overacted play the ep starts with, with her as a ragamuffin pleading with Snidely Whipsnade Smith; some graceful turns, a very delicate and balletic looking stance as she closes her cabin door (look at her feet!), bundling up against the chill. Big smiles  with Debby! Finishing, a sequence of classic Penny! Not sure if it’s just the lighting, but she looks somewhat pale and thin-faced, almost China-doll-like (perhaps appropriately, given the sequence in the phony Chinatown.

Now, the customary “Three Beauties!”

And just a reminder that even beauties have their off days:

 And now, Penny:

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