Four midseason episodes, three with little Penny; “Revolt of the Androids” I think rates as a “Partly Penny” episode for her wonderful scenes with Dee Parker as the android Verda. This has what is so far my favorite line in the series from Penny or anyone. When the Terminator-like IDAK is seeking to “Crush, kill, destroy” Verda, and Verda thinks maybe she should just accept her fate, Penny whirls and tells her, “You’re almost human now, Verda, and humans don’t give up. They may be in trouble or they may be afraid but they don’t give up!” Wow! What a girl! That’s why the Fan Club is here, folks. Well, just look, even an android loves Penny!

Quick observation: “Treasure of the Lost Planet” kicks off with them playing Smith’s Wheel of Fortune: between Smith, and Cousin Smith, and Zeno (Lookalike Smith), Penny is getting some serious experience gambling! (Which may have inspired a certain scene in Through Endless Skies!)

Now, to lead off, the traditional “Three Beauties:”

And the gallery:

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