Two episodes which are not pure “Penny Episodes,” but in which she does feature quite a bit: The Android Machine and The Thief of Space.  Like many earlier episodes, Thief of Space draws on classical literary themes, here, the famous movie The Thief of Bagdad, drawn from a novel inspired by the 1001 Nights.  The Android Machine explores a motif ongoing with the Robot, a machine which appears to spontaneously develop human emotions and reactions.

As with other galleries, look for Penny’s wonderfully expressive face, and that killer smile!  A few good lighting effects, not so much as in the B&W episodes — use of colors from Season 2 on does not tend towards the subtle.  Also, I may have mentioned this in previous comments, but you can see Miss Cartwright’s ballet experience almost continually: when simply standing, she almost invariably falls nearly into “1st Position” – only she lays her hands flat against her hips rather than cupped up.  We rarely see her feet at these same times, but when we do, they too are in First, simply heels together, toes angled out.  Bravissimo, Angela!

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