A special occasion, our first glimpse of Penny in color!  This merits a single still.

Wow! All that ORANGE! All that SMILE!  A day without Penny is like a day without sunshine!

And speaking of color!  They sure knew how to use color back then!

Groovy, man.  Having a good trip on the ol’ J2?

And with no further ado, our regular slideshow, from Blast Off Into Space and Wild Adventure.  Neither is particularly a “Penny” episode, but she gets some good screen time out of the second, when Dr. Smith bamboozles her into sneaking up to the flight deck in her jammies to jimmy the autopilot; a jammy-jimmy, if you will.  Watch her face, you know that she knows that something’s not quite right with Dr. Smith’s inveigling.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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  1. Art Widdows says:

    “A day without Penny, is a day without sunshine.” So true, I must have a daily dose of this beautiful, lovely, enchanting girl! She is just precious, and starts my day with a happy, warm feeling! Love you Penny, xoxo, Art

  2. Phil Hurd says:

    Perfectly stated! Agree completely!

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