Here in this drawer you will find a small but growing collection of various clips either from Lost In Space or related to it. As noted elsewhere, LIS is still copyrighted material, so we can’t host entire episodes, but this will highlight some favorite scenes from ourselves and our friends, as well as other material.

One of my favorite Penny moments: courageous, strong, and not about to let a friend down. Short, but very powerful.

I had the privilege of complimenting Miss Cartwright personally for this scene at the Chicago Hollywood Show of Sept. 9, 2012 (the occasion of her birthday too!)


 This is a video taken of the Robot at the Chicago Hollywood Show of September 9, 2012, which we attended and had the thrill of meeting the living Robinson cast members (Mark Goddard was not there.) This is a reproduction Robot, not the the original, but it was a great kick seeing him in the flesh anyway. Well, in the steel . . . or whatever . . .


Here’s an interesting clip from the beginning of The Space Trader. When Smith starts returning the Robot’s insults over his artwork, watch Penny. First she laughs, then she turns around and looks over her shoulder, still laughing. I think we’re seeing through Penny to Angela here. I think when she first laughs, she’s afraid she’s blown the scene, and is looking away at the director, expecting to hear someone yell “Cut!” I may be wrong, but what she does for those few seconds doesn’t really make sense as Penny.


This is something I’ve had planned for a while. This is the scene of Penny running at the end of My Friend, Mr. Nobody — just her running sequences, with the other bits sliced out. I’ve mentioned this over in the stills gallery, but just look at the illumination and dark and light flashing and her hair blowing! Just a terrific bit of film.

And for comparison, here is the entire original sequence as we see it in the episode:


Here’s a bit of a blooper from Island In The Sky. Smith is inside the ship, everyone else is returning. Watch over Will’s head as he exits to the right. Who -or what- IS that?! I’m guessing it’s June, heading offstage and not realizing the cameras are still going, but it looks like some of the Bigfoot clips we see!


Here’s a bit, the ending sequence from Follow The Leader. It isn’t a “Penny” bit at all, but it caught my attention because it seems to foreshadow another famous sci-fi scene between a father and son.


Any explanations necessary? My two older sons, both Star Wars fans, separately watched this scene with me and both started laughing and “OMG” ing at virtually the same point, when Will asks John to take off the mask. Even the shot of the mask going over into the abyss! It’s all there — the son, the father taken over by an evil outside influence — embodied or symbolized by a mask — and removal of the mask as symbolic of redemption! Of course in the one it’s the actual evil creature himself who goes over the edge, but stylistically it’s virtually identical.

And speaking of Star Wars . . . something I’ve been meaning to do for ages now. This is a clip from S3E17, Princess of Space. The story to this point is that Penny has been passed off as a princess, now, the real princess makes her appearance (also Angela). But listen to the music! As you recall, all, or nearly all, the music in the series is by the great John Williams, who most famously did the music for Star Wars. It sounds to me like the theme music as the princess steps down is very much a minor key version of what later became the “Twin Suns” theme at the beginning of the very first Star Wars!

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  1. mulljhoward says:

    Love your site!

  2. rita says:

    eu não concordo que guy williams fez kanto e o anti John da mesma forma… a única semelhança é a de que numa mesma série ele teve que dar vida a dois vilões… e ele foi brilhante!

  3. Amy Rinker says:

    I love this!!!!!

  4. Amy Rinker says:

    I always wanted to be Penny and used to look like her when I was a little girl!

  5. Brett says:

    3 of the most excellent Clips…EVER! Thank you! Mr Nobody was always on of my Favorites.

  6. I Love Penny Robinson & John Robinson

  7. Happy Hoildays. I Love Penny Robinson. &John Robinson. Thank yu, MS. Frances Yozawitz

  8. scott says:

    Make me remember how fun it was to be a kid

  9. stephen mulherin says:

    I am glad to see there is still plenty of episodes I have not seen yet like all these here!

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