Lost In Space – related models, that is. These are some more standard builds we’ve done here of commercial models.

First, a few Chariot shots:

100_0806 100_0808 100_0809 100_0810 100_0815 100_0813 100_0812

Chariot and Pod together:

100_0817 100_0816

The Robinsons vs. the Cyclops!

100_0791 100_0789 100_0786 100_0787 100_0785 100_0784 100_0782

And a very special, chromed-out Robby the Robot! Robby of course guest-starred in the Season One episode “War of the Robots,” and made his entertainment debut in the classic “Forbidden Planet.” (Guess what model we’re working on next!) He also appeared in an episode of “The Twilight Zone,” and even with Peter Falk in “Columbo”!

100_0820 100_0821 100_0796 100_0792

And of course, our own beloved B-9 Robot, sometimes called GUNTHER, for “General Utility Non-Theorizing Environmental Robot.”100_0819 100_0818

Here, he helps his good friend Dr. Zachary Smith stand firm and steady his aim . . . .


. . . as DANGER stalks the scene!


Stand by for lots more fun models!



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3 responses »

  1. Build the Jupiter 2 next!

  2. Jed says:

    Hi I just love Penny, can anyone tell me whether she was ever made into a figurine, also what about Maureen, never seen one of mummy dearest either. can someone put me out of my misery and let me know whether the movie Maureen and Penny Robinson where ever made.

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