This is the Anime Academy Annex, where you will find our well-appointed Student Lounge. Here in the lounge, for your entertainment, are a number of Anime Music Videos, or AMVs. If you’re not familiar with the concept, these are fan-made music videos which put well-known songs as soundtracks to video taken from one or more anime series: usually in a humorous way, but not always. There are two subsections here, one just for Neon Genesis Evangelion AMVs, because it is so visually distinctive and so popular that many more have been made for it; and everything else. There are far too many people involved in the making of these to acknowledge individually, so we will simply say “Well done!” to all of them here.

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This is widely considered one of the best of the genre


Very nice remake of an older original


Short and sweet!




Not a music video, admittedly, but very well done and very funny!


One of the funniest, IMHO. Be sure to stay for the credits!


Weird Al — need I say more?


Widely regarded as one of the best, if not THE best, of the AMV style, for musical selection, technical work, lyrics/lip synch, and humor, this is a hi-def remake of the original. A personal note, the original release of this was some of very first anime I EVER saw, almost 20 years ago!


And finally: all “rebuild” video with some newer style music to match!


And now, the rest of it. Naming conventions are a bit irregular depending on whether a single anime or more than one were used, but should be easily decipherable.


In these modern times, “robot love” is a subject that may not be science fiction very much longer


One of anime’s most influential and innovative series


Very, very funny stuff! More can be found at the official AMV Hell website


Dropping some sick beats


“Dude… that was the most disturbing thing I have ever seen.”


Not exactly an AMV, but great fun!


OK, OK, a proper Cardcaptor Sakura AMV!


A lovely bunch indeed!


Some great Black Sabbath — some great anime!