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This site launched 28 January 2012

May God Bless the Jupiter 2 and all who fly in her, and may God bless America.

Hollywood Show Chicago 2012
9 September — Happy Birthday Angela!


A page from “My Friend, Mr. Nobody.”
Angela’s greeting as Penny: “Hey! Love from Penny.”

Mark Goddard -- completed autographs of crew members on the flight deck from a Jupiter 2 model.

Visiting with Mark Goddard 9/27/12. Final autograph for the J2 flight deck!

Angela dressed for New Year’s!

new year

LIS Errata

Bigfoot sighting? Smith is already inside, here are John, Don, and Will. Maureen has just announced she and the girls are going to go fix dinner. Who is that on the right edge? Appears at about 42: 25. It may be Maureen/June, as it’s about her build with the parka on, and after she announces the making of dinner, the three do NOT go up the ramp, but off to the viewer’s right. Guessing she was heading backstage and got caught on a live camera.vlcsnap-2014-01-06-00h02m09s38


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  1. Jan says:

    I don’t know who you guy (girls?) are, but you leave the BEST comments ever on the Arcamax comics. And I agree, Penny is the best!

  2. TJB says:

    Hey Penny, wanted to answer your question about , “Bitter Beer Face” here. Just didn’t want to join yet another site ,creating passwords, etc. I believe it was, Keystone Beer.
    I enjoy your comments as well as scarylarry. You make reference now and then as to, “If you could see her, she’s nodding her head. I know it, but can’t place it.

    • Keystone! Yes I remember now. Glad you enjoy my remarks, we have a good time over there. If you look under “The Written Word,” you will find my stories detailing the life of Penny and my alter ego on a far planet along with the rest of the old crew.

      So yes, when the right occasion grabs me, I’ll sort of post in that persona, as if Penny is in the room with me and I’m talking with her, and noting her response — such as:

      What a nice comment from TJB! Isn’t it Penny?
      Penny’s nodding Yes.

      Or sometimes if I make a comment about a good looking girl in a strip, or make an especially bad joke, Penny will either have me sleeping on the couch that night or standing in the corner or something. (Sometimes she smacks me on top of the head!)

      All in good fun, and helps pass the time at work.
      Penny says she hopes you’re not my boss.

      • TJB says:

        No, not your boss, but if I was, I’d give you a raise for multitasking!

        What’s up with diva222.

        Isn’t that the craziest thing, Penny?

        Penny’s laughing and giving me that funny look again . . .

        Funny look and nodding!

        I know some comedian used that in a routine, just can’t remeber who.

        If this is a nuisance having me here, I may be forced to sign up at comic site.

        Keep your funny comments coming!

  3. Thanks, glad you like the material. Certainly not a nuisance here! But I would encourage you to sign up at Arcamax, it’s a great bunch, mostly, and we have some good conversation.

    Oh I should say too that that “Endless Skies” series is sort of the backdrop to my “Penny” comments on the boards – Penny grown up, married to my alter-ego, and more than a bit sassy!

  4. exturk says:

    Homer and Jethro, were a vailable on tape about 15 years ago, and a CD about 8 years ago. Called Americas Song Butchers. If all else fails, contact tuslog64. This is a Hotmail address, broken up to fool spambots.

  5. Ian says:

    Penny was gorgeous in her silver suit and long dark hair.

  6. In the episode where Penny is mistaken for a princess she appears as the princess wearing a blonde wig. TOO BEAUTIFUL FOR WORDS !

  7. I Love Penny Robinson & cast of Lost in Space

  8. I Love Penny Robinson& Cast of Lost in Space.

  9. I Love Penny Robinson.

  10. Todd Shields says:

    A few years ago, I published “Penny’s Robinson’s Bitter 16”, a coming-of-age satire detailing Penny’s disastrous 16th birthday on the junkyard in space on my DeviantArt site and I was wondering if you would be interested in posting it on The Written Word.
    If interested, I do recommend that you read it first since it does contain some adult language and situations, but I guarantee you’ll laugh your butt off.

  11. Im a fan of yu forever.I Thing that yu are a good people. Thank yu, MS. Frances Yozawitz

  12. Michael Koff says:

    Hello. Ive been a big fan of Lost In Space.. I just want to say Thank You for your awesome hard work. While making the LIS series. Till this day I still enjoy watching all the shows, which I have on DVD. Once again THANK YOU.

  13. What is your E-Mail? Thank yu, MS. Frances Yozawitz. Happy Hoilday & New Year.fran4y@gmail.

  14. I thing that penny Robnson is a good person

  15. frances yozawitz says:

    IM a fan of yu. Forever.

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