Robinson's Thanksgiving

And a few words from Governor Bradford of Plymouth Colony, on the occasion of the first Thanksgiving Day celebration in the New World:

“Inasmuch as the great Father has given us this year an abundant harvest of Indian corn, wheat, peas, beans, squashes, and garden vegetables, and has made the forests to abound with game and the sea with fish and clams, and inasmuch as He has protected us from the ravages of the savages, has spared us from pestilence and disease, has granted us freedom to worship God according to the dictates of our own conscience.

Now I, your magistrate, do proclaim that all ye Pilgrims, with your wives and ye little ones, do gather at ye meeting house, on ye hill, between the hours of 9 and 12 in the daytime, on Thursday, November 29th, of the year of our Lord one thousand six hundred and twenty three and the third year since ye Pilgrims landed on ye Pilgrim Rock, there to listen to ye pastor and render thanksgiving to ye Almighty God for all His blessings.”

William Bradford
Ye Governor of Ye Colony

It is a curious fact that the original Pilgrim group, while still in England and known as either Separatists or Brownists, worshiped under the spiritual guidance of a man of the cloth named . . . John Robinson.

A new gallery up, from the first three episodes after the “First Five” pilot episodes: Welcome Stranger, Invaders From the Fifth Dimension, and The Raft. Another gallery from Return From Space and The Keeper will be up shortly.

In the drawer The Written Wordour popular science fiction trilogy, Through Endless Skies! Together, the three stories A Penny Saved, Symphony Of An Angel, and Through Endless Skies comprise one complete novel-length collection of Lost In Space adventure, romance, thrills, humor, and maybe a even a tear or two.  We’ve also published the first volume of Lost In Space Adventures, five short stories which re-think and re-imagine a number of actual episodes which had some very good ideas in them, but didn’t make it to air time as everything they might have been. Essentially, they have been rewritten as serious science fiction for grown-ups. Well, mostly serious. Dr. Smith remains the thorough scoundrel he originally was, but he does lend some light touches still! 

Also, under The Written Word, there is a collection of our non-LIS “fanfics” (I really dislike that term!) An eclectic assortment of our other writings, there just might be something there that tickles your fancy! Please enjoy….

= = = = =

Our great project has completed its first phase — we’ve watched all the Lost In Space episodes, first to last, all 84! Look in the drawer Season Three Galleries, just above, for our Farewell Gallery of the last two Lost In Space episodes. To note this milestone, we present to you the very first look we had at Penny, from The Reluctant Stowaway:

First Penny

and the very last, from Junkyard In Space:

Last Penny

And what a trip it was in between! We’re not done, though. We’ll be going back around to the beginning, leaving thoughts on the episodes we watched before but hadn’t started the commentary section. The first new comments on The Reluctant Stowaway are up in a new drawer, “Thoughts On Season 1” , under “The Written Word.” More photo galleries too! We missed most of the pre-Mr. Nobody episodes, so we’ll catch up on those. Also, we’re planning a gallery dedicated to poor neglected Judy! And finally, possibly our most intriguing feature to come, “Farnum B’s Beauty Contest”! Inspired by the episode Space Beauty, a gallery dedicated to all the lovely ladies who came visiting the Robinsons! Remember Verda? And the delightfully green Lorelei/Athena? How about Eefra, charming in black & white & Daisy Dukes? And the *ahem* intriguing Miss Fishtails? Yes, they’ll all be here soon!


Look under “Gallery of Beautiful Models” for some of our latest work in beautifully built models — the Chariot, Pod, Robot, and more! And in the drawer labeled “Steampunk Jupiter 2” is a customized build of the Polar Lights brand Jupiter 2 model kit, done in the steampunk style: if you’re not familiar with that, imagine the Jupiter 2 constructed based on the technology and science of the Victorian era! Lots of steam piping and gears and such are what usually mark out steampunk. This project is presented as if it were a scientific journal of the era, recounting the recent flight of the “Aether Ship” Jupiter 2 to Mars and back. Basically it’s a lot of photos and some backstory. Please enjoy!

And of course thousands of screenshots from early Season One to the end of Season Three, all showing off the beautiful girl who is Penny. Lots of our own thoughts and comments on many episodes, too.

More new fans just landed!

Now here! A video gallery!!

We have to be very careful  posting video, as Lost In Space is still copyrighted material, but we have a growing gallery of short clips featuring some of Penny’s best scenes, and other related material. Check out our first clips now! Mark Goddard fans, be sure and visit the Golden Wheel Saloon, where we’re showing complete episodes of Johnny Ringo,  co-starring Mark in his first TV series as deputy “Cully” to Sheriff Johnny Ringo in old Arizona Territory. A classic Western from the Golden Age of the American Western!  And learn how you can get your very own Johnny Ringo DVD set. The first five episodes of Johnny Ringo are now playing in the Golden Wheel Saloon!

 But now . . .


OK, more accurately, the Penny Robinson Fan Club would appreciate your help.

We’d appreciate it if you could chip in just a little to help defray our WordPress subscription cost. Paypal any amount you like to the Penny Robinson Fan Club on the Paypal button below; make it $22 and we’ll send you as a free premium a First Edition of our Endless Skies trilogy, almost certain to become a rare and priceless collector’s item in the future. (Sorry, US only. Will ship abroad, but must ask for a bit more to cover postage. Just ask, though!)



Well, in the picture, I guess she really does need to be let down. But that’s not what I meant. I mean, I’m sure you knew that, I know you’re pretty bright. But just in case — Yes, Penny dear, I’ll shut up now.

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  1. Hey PRFC! I’ve been visiting since February this year, so I decided it was way overdue for me to post and tell you how much I like your site. As a fellow Penny fan as well as a LIS fan, I’m really enjoying what you’re doing here. Like the galleries (look forward to S3), thoroughly enjoyed the ‘Endless Skies’ trilogy (and the Halloween tale) and love the Oddities/LOLs…you’re funny…More! More! See you over at the Yahoo groups in your crusading alter ego, I’m the ‘merovingian’ guy over there. Keep up the good work! MVH.

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